Saturday, October 25, 2008

Full Impluse Power restored.

Thursday night, the 23rd of October, under pristine clear skies and no moon, the VATT telescope came back on-line for the first time since the major network and computer upgrade that took place this summer. Astronomers gave the ship a full shakedown, and after a few minor leaks were plugged - science is being done once again on the good ship VATT.

Much thanks goes to the VATT engineering crew - Ned Franz, Chris Johnson, Gary Gray and Ken Duffek. Warp engines should be back on-line next week!


Tuguldur said...

nice pix as usual!

Jim said...

Wow - hardly recognize the place! I see you got rid of that boat anchor of a Sun machine that used to sit in the corner and the guider monintor looks a lot bigger and better. Is there room for a laptop in there somewhere for observers?