Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big Glass

Spent the night last night up at the 2.3 meter telescope at Kitt Peak - an engineering run to look into lunar tracking and modify the control system software user interface.

While waiting for the moon to rise, got to do some high magnification photography through the telescope. The scope is equivalent to a 20,700mm F/9 lens! A full frame Canon 5D digital camera has a field of view through this system of just 6 x 4 arcminutes! - that's just 0.1 x 0.067 degrees!

Seeing was above average for the site and most of the shots here are limited by the scope slightly out-of-collimation optics.


Tuguldur said...

hi res lunar images are just terrific!!!

Dean said...

Yowzaaa! Incredible images, Dave, though the links to several of the moon shots are broken... Did you take multiple images of any of the lunar/jupiter shots to average, or are they single images?

Jim said...

Great shots of the Moon. I've been trying to ID all the features and think I've gotten them all figured out. You should send or post one or two to the LPOD or at least make Chuck Wood aware of your best images. It's not too often you get pictures of the Moon through a 2.3-m telescope.