Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Spent the last two nights on Mt. Graham at the VATT Telescope training the new observer and making sure the science instrument was operational. While I was working, I put my Canon 5D Mark II to work watching the Earth Rotate under the dark skies of the mountain. (Actually I was hoping to catch a few Quadrantid meteors - which I did - but the meager showing of this shower from our location was less than impressive). Here is a one hour long effective exposure looking east toward the SMT and LBT Observatories.

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Anonymous said...

Dah veed,

I submit that there were no stars whatsoever, visible in the Mt. Graham night sky, during the period you mention. The vivid streaks recorded by the detector were produced by the enormous, leaking entropy which dominates each and every one of your thought processes. D.O.D. has been alerted.