Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Narrow Vision

Ever use a long telephoto lens? I mean a LOOOOOONG telephoto? Like - around 22,000 mm? Well that's about the focal lenght of a 2.3 Meter F/9 telescope. Here are a couple of snapshots taken through the BOK 90" Telescope on Monday night of M1 and Hubble's variable nebula. FOV is about 4 arcminutes.

A Canon 5D Mark II was used set at ISO 3200. Exposure times were 28 minutes at F/9. Processed using ImagePlus and PS5. Seeing was about 2.0 arcseconds.


Paul said...

WOW, 22,000mm lens, eh? Not many people have one of those in the camera bag! Nice stuff, Dave.

Jim said...

It's a great lens, but a little hard to carry around at sporting events.... ;)