Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Spent the weekend with a great group of guys from all over the country.

Watching the game and drinking beer?


Playing poker?

Not exactly.

. . . I went back to school.

This weekend I attended the "Making Every Pixel Count" seminar at the University of Arizona's Mt. Lemmon Sky Center. An intensive three day and three night class on digital astrophotography image processing hosted by the renowned astrophotogragher Adam Block.

We spent the daytime hours learning how to reduce RGB long exposure images of the night sky taken through telescopes, trying out state-of-the-art astronomical processing software and sharing techniques and questions about the art.

At night we took data for later reduction throught the center's 24 inch RC Reflector telescope. I felt like I was a freshman in college again.


Tuugii said...

so what software did you guys have been working on?

David A. Harvey said...


We used CCDStack, CCDSharp, MaxIm DL, MiraPro 7, Photoshop CS3 - all have steep learning curves. Sigh.

Tuugii said...

wow sounds intense :D