Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the Stars Above

Back up at Mt. Graham and the VATT. Between stints of yanking old wire and rearranging AC power distribution cable from the pier of the telescope with the "Nedinator" and "CJ", I managed to get in some "quality time" photographing the night sky. During the summer months here in southern Arizona, it is rare to have clear skies for any length of time. This week - two nights of moonless magnificence.

The Milky Way as seen from the center of the MGIO compound looking south.

A five hour and 50 minute exposure of stars rising behind the LBT taken from the top of the VATT building.


Jim said...

Nice astrophotos. One advantage of being at an observatory where it's supposed to be dark. I didn't ask for any time this fall at the VATT. Maybe in the spring. Partly, I didn't want to have to deal with winter observing on Mt. Graham.... In the meantime, it's just clouded over here on Kitt Peak - tonights the first of 7 which I expect to be partly hosed by the returning monsoon storms over the weekend.

tuugii said...

nice work!

Paul said...

Very pretty picture, Dave. Any use of femurs involved during this weeks work? ;) Told you I'd get that in. Ask me about my new Dominatrix Torture Mistress PT Lady on Monday. Anyway, photos like that make me long for the good old days of going to the telescopes. Peace out bro. MasaPOH