Sunday, February 19, 2012

Out of the House

Today was a pleasant day out of the house. My friend Frank took me to Sweetwater Reserve - a duck lovers paradise. I brought along a pile of equipment (I should say Frank brought along a pile of my equipment since he hauled it into the reserve for me as to not tire me out.) So here are a few obligatory shots of DUCKS (I hate ducks!) and then on to something a little more interesting (for me at least.)

I spent some time setting up for a couple of portraits - trying to over power the sun with a couple of speedlights. Here are the results. The first one is probably the only self portrait I've done in over 5 years.

A couple IR images of Frank and the setup.

And an unretouched image of how it was done.


Benny said...

That looks like fun. I love that stuff. Nice shots as well.

Quentin said...

Hey friend, I saw your recent win at Shutterbugs which brought me here. Some nice shots (even if they are ducks) :) Glad to see you are out and about. I sure hope we can get out to Arizona this Spring.

Quentin Robinson