Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From across the pond

It always nice to have visitors from across the Pond here in AZ. We were lucky enough to have a great couple from England spend a few days letting us drag them around the desert.

Carmen and Andy - two intrepid travelers - spent two weeks touring Arches national Monument, Canyon Lands, The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley and even (brave souls) Death Valley, before coming to see the Sonoran Desert. They had wonderful stories about their adventures and I love the way Brits speak - such an classy and elegant tone.

Andy being a fellow photographer was great to work with in the wilds of the Desert Museum, Titan Missile Museum and San Xavier. Old haunts for me - but always interesting to visitors.

Here are a few snapshots from our desert wanderings . . .

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Paul said...

Dave, I love these shots. Nice field trip. The electronics in the Titan Missile Silo take me back to when I started in electronics. :)