Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ducks, I hate Ducks . . .

Frank wanted to practice wildlife photography this weekend. Not surprising after he captured a great image of a duck at Sweetwater last weekend while working on his own. So, I thought I would indulge him. Back to Sweetwater sewage treatment plant we went.

I HATE Ducks. Noisy, foul smelling, ugly birds, with clumbsy flight characteristics (IMO). And, like most wildlife, completely uncooperative photographically and difficult to capture in any real interesting pose. After four hours at this foul smelling watering hole for these creatures, I was only able to snap a couple of passable images.

Frank demonstrates the proper way to complete a self portrait.

And - oh yah - Frank's favorite - yellow headed black birds. Baah!


Paul said...

Great action shot of Frank "completing" a self portrait! I love action shots! Hope you get some good stuff tonight, man.

Jim said...

I'm not going to get all "quacked up" about these pictures.... I was half expecting to see Daffy in at least one of these shots. "Duck Dodgers in the twenty-fourth and a half century!"