Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rally to restore sanity - Tucson


Anonymous said...

Wow great blog!! David you take
great pictures,, I like the pictures
of Becky and Gwen!!

Now we have to vote and then shake in
our boots for the results

Great rally! Love Jon Stewart!!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I love your blog and I show other people your photos all the time. I can't believe the versatility of your skill...from astronomy to action sports shots to landscapes, to closeup nature shots, to weddings. to babies, to rallies, to dance, you shoot everything with such sensitivity and an eye for color and balance and form. You capture the essence of whatever you photograph. I hope one day you can photograph Sarah and Ben dancing. They will be the best photos that they could ever have done and they have had some pretty darn good photos done in the past.

Martha Ingel

Susi said...

Amen!! Restore sanity!!

Paul said...

This was a rally for sanity, right? Then how do you explain some of those people shots??? :) Great stuff again, Dave!