Saturday, January 9, 2010


Forgive me for I have sinned. Today I violated my first rule of photography - "I will NEVER photograph flowers, bugs, or bugs on flowers." Sometimes, for the sake of education and exercise, I guess you have to do those things which disgust you the most.

I hate flower photography. It is tedious, boring and pedestrian in my book. It does however present certain educational challenges that all photography students need to learn. Therefore, for today's outing I took my "student" to Tohono Chul Park in an attempt to impart some lessons on light, depth of field, exposure and composition.

Below are my yawning efforts from the class. I hope my student does better.

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swest said...

Hi Dave,

I don't think it's "yawn". You got those high morning glories well. Is the fairy duster background generated or did you have some funky background you took along.

The park need orchids :) The desert in the winter doesn't present many colorful opportunities.

My lame photos are at: