Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trapped in Tucson

Well - went out with the guys for a "big city" photography session. Well - its Tucson - been there, done that - and it ain't all that big a city. Wasn't feeling very creative anyway. Nothing seemed to look photogenic. Decided to give up. Here is a few of the crappy images I got. Hope the others faired better.

The damn gazebo.

A magic circle image of the previous shot.

A crop of the center of the magic circle.

The damn gazebo - again!

Couple of the other photogs that followed me around and heckled.

Yeah, Yeah - I know - its all been done before. Sigh. In the full resolution version of this image you can actually read the hallway exit signs through the windows of the tallest building. (Yawn).

1 comment:

Lynn Cameron said...

Ha! I'm not sure if I enjoyed the photos or your commentary more... I especially like the one of your compadres under the street light. Thanks for the update!