Monday, December 29, 2008

Departing by way of Orion

Well - my last night on the big scope. Here's the last shot I got - the Orion Nebula - M42. Yeah, Yeah - the compulsory target for every novice astrophotographer . . . OK - I'm outta here!

M42 through a 6" F/9 APO refractor onto a Canon EOS 5D. The sum of twenty 300 second, ten 30 second, and five 5 second exposures at ISO 800 and F/9. Processed in ImagePlus and PSCS3.


Jim said...

Did your processing use some HDR techniques to keep the central area around the Trapezium from being over exposed or did you just use curves or levels?

Jim said...

BTW - really cool image.

David A. Harvey said...

Thanks Jim. Yes - HDR. The trapizium was a 5 second exposure, the inner core was a thirty second exposure and the outer nebula was a 5 minute exposure. Its all in the wrist! :-)

Susi said...

You're just brilliant Dave! This is incredible!!
Happy New Year!