Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome Holmes

Tonight - decided I'd better get on the sky and get some pics of Comet 17P/Holmes before it disappears back into the depths of space for another 115 years (last time it had an outburst). So - Here they be. Shot with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IIN on a Takahashi EM200 Mount | ISO 400 | 800mm lens at F/7.1 - sum of five 3 minute exposures.

A negative view of the same image showing low contrast detail.

Below - same mount - Canon 5D | 300mm F/5.6 lens | ISO 400 | sum of five 2 minute exposures.


Tuguldur said...

awesome works! So short exposures from a darker sky easily beat my longer ones!

David A. Harvey said...

thanks tuugii - but these were all taken from my light-polluted backyard! Ahhh - the power of digital photoprocessing!

Susi said...

Gorgeous Dave! Enjoying your blog!